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Saying Goodbye

Psalm 55 "Oh, if I had wings of a dove, I would fly away and be at rest."

Mourning the loss of a loved one is never easy.  Perhaps the loved one would like another way to say Goodbye. 

Nothing can better capture this than the release of a White Rock Dove after the eulogy of the final prayer. 

While all eyes are turned towards the heavens, the dove perfectly represents the spirit when upon it's release, circles once as if to say goodbye, and then journeys home.

As the spirit begins it's pilgrimage...We begin to heal. 

If you feel this release would add to your final goodbye, please give us a call.

Memorial Day 2011

Words we read at the funeral

Psalm 55  “Oh, if I had wings of a dove, I

would fly away and be at rest.”

 Today as we lay_(person's name)_to rest. Let us remember

 the PEACE/JOY (he or she) brought (him or her) friends and

family----the LOVE/UNDERSTANDING (he or she) 

gave so willingly, & generously to all of you

and the HOLY SPIRIT that lives with in (him or her).

This bird in flight symbolizes the end of (him or her)

life on earth and the beginning of life with the

Lord, Jesus Christ.  We soon release _(person's name)__

spirit to soon be joined by her friends and

 family who have gone before her and who have

come back to take her home to our Lord.  And as our

eyes are turned towards the heavens—these

 Angeles will circle as to say her final

“Good Bye” and start their journey home to

the Lord.

 And now_(persons name)__  the Lord will rise you up on this

doves wings.

He will bear you on the breath of dawn

 He will make you shine like the sun

For now He holds you in the palm of His